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> Phenomenologically only. But that non-locality does not allow any physical 
> influence at a distance. Even those not exploitable for communication at a 
> distance.
> Non-locality does not allow remote communication, but it does mean that 
> entangled physical systems are non separable, so what you do at one end of 
> the entanglement affects the behaviour of the other end.
> That does not follow from any proof of “non-locality” in Everett Quantum 
> Mechanics. But that is entailed indeed in QM + the assumption of a unique 
> physical universe.
> Surprisingly, perhaps, Everettian QM is identical to standard QM in every 
> possible experiment/prediction. QM implies non-locality in any 
> interpretation.

Everett MWI is none other than ordinary QM with projectors onto outcomes 
that are treated as the world of the observer. Since the projector is a 
diagonal set of units in the unit operator over the Hilbert space the idea 
is that the states observed "projected out" are only so in the frame or 
world of the observer. These other states however persist, and these other 
worlds are just the results of projector operators on the total state. In 
one sense this is really no different than Copenhagen interpretation use of 
projector operators. The only difference is the total unitarity of the 
quantum world is stated to exist because the projector is a fabrication of 
our observer frame. In CI and other collapse interpretations the projector 
is treated as not just a frame dependency but as a hard objective outcome.

Ultimately the problem is that since the projector operator is idempotent 
and has no inverse it is not a proper quantum mechanical operator. It is 
neither unitary or Hermitian. So quantum mechanics is completely silent on 
the meaning of the projector. The meaning of the projector operator is 
entirely fabricated by us. 


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