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    But non-locality is avoided by the randomness...so that no
    information is transmitted.

*So every physicist, I would say virtually without exception, believes QM is a non local theory except you. *

No.  They agree with me that no information can be transmitted FTL. That's the definition of local.

*Why do you post the obvious in an excuse for a rebuttal? -- that no information is transferred -- when you KNOW what we're discussing; namely, that there appears to be an "influence" (for lack of a better word) that is transferred INSTANTANEOUSLY. You're the one in denial, not me. AG*

    You're like the person who says, "Now it's momentum has changed
    from an unknowable indefinite value to an unknowable definite
    value.  It's witchcraft!"

*Don't put words in my mouth. I said nothing about witchcraft I am just acknowledging what virtually every physicist admits; that based on our present understanding of space-time, the physical mechanism underlying non locality is not understood. *

Your problem is that you imagine that you perfectly understand the Newtonian world view.  It's like water to a fish for you.  But space and time are themselves unexplained.

*As for the Newtonian conservation laws, IIRC they're provable based on Newton's laws of motion and don't challenge our current understanding of space-time. AG *

What "understanding of spacetime"?  That understanding is no more than facility in using it to make predictions.


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