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We cannot identify first person notion with third person notion. A subtlety is that physics is, eventually, shown to be first person plural, and not third person as usually believed today.

That is merely a consequence of your idiosyncratic definitions of theses terms. Your definitions were devised to cope with the person duplication scenarios, where it is individuals that are duplicated, not worlds. So if you duplicate a number of persons so that they share this experience, then that is first person plural, and you can still have other non-duplicated people outside of the experiment who can take a third person view of things.

This is not how it works in the real world -- we do not duplicate just people. In MWI it is worlds that are duplicated, together with all the people in them. So there can be no analogy of the third person view of someone outside the duplication. The terminology then becomes useless, and we revert to the normal grammatical meaning of the terms: first, second, and third person; first person being one's personal view, second person is the person you talk to, and the third person is anyone else. It is a category error to use your idiosyncratic terminology in normal physics talk.


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