On Friday, January 11, 2019 at 8:14:14 PM UTC-6, Mason Green wrote:
> Solomonoff’s method of induction seems like a good fit for a mechanist 
> view of things. For instance, it could be used to assign a relative 
> probability to the universe being generated by a universal dovetailer: 
> 2^(-K) * m, where K is the Kolmogorov complexity of the universal 
> dovetailer and m is the measure the dovetailer assigns to universes like 
> ours. 
> This formula implies that a (more complex) non-universal dovetailer might 
> be preferable _if_ it assigned a much higher measure to universes like 
> ours. Such a dovetailer might, for instance, output only (or mostly) 
> habitable worlds, instead of outputting mostly uninhabitable worlds as the 
> standard UD does, and the higher resulting measure would offset the 
> increased Kolmogorov complexity. 
> If we live in a highly “atypical” universe, that might also affect how we 
> should do Solomonoff induction. For instance if we knew that we lived in a 
> universe with much less suffering than an “average” inhabited universe, 
> that could imply we were generated by a dovetailer that doesn’t like 
> suffering. If the opposite is true and we live in a “mean world”, that 
> means we might be generated by a sadistic dovetailer, etc.

Generating universes without any emotion (taken widely) possible is sort of 
like "Invasion of the Body Snatchers".

- pt

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