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*>Nwe cannot assume, neither a physical universe, nor analysis or set
> theory. Since recently, I have realised that we cannot even assume the
> induction axioms,*

Induction says that things are usually pretty much the same from one moment
of time to the next and from one point in space to a nearby one, if Everett
is right (and my hunch is he is) for some universes that would be true, but
such  a chaotic universe would not have structures capable of producing
thought or consciousness. Therefore  it is not only safe for us to assume
induction we DO assume it and we could not survive in the physical world
longer than about 45 seconds without it. At this very second although I
have no detailed knowledge of the wiring involved and have not seen the
blueprints I am assuming that when I hit the key marked "I" on my keyboard
a "I" symbol will appear on my screen; I assume it will happen this time
because that's what usually happened in the past, the only time it didn't
was when my keyboard was defective a few years ago but that was quickly

 John K Clark


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