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> On Saturday, January 19, 2019 at 5:42:12 AM UTC-6, agrays...@gmail.com 
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>> Since it seems conceptually impossible to model a theory with DISJOINT 
>> discrete spatial units, thus requiring the units to be juxtaposed, do such 
>> theories acknowledge difficulty of motion between the units, which might or 
>> might not have boundaries? TIA, AG
> I am not sure how to impress people with how bad this thinking is. These 
> slice and diced chunks of spacetime, whether voxels, plaquettes and so 
> forth have violations of Lorentz symmetry of spacetime. This means that 
> curiously the symmetry of gravitation would be violated at higher energy, 
> and in fact where it is quantized. These ideas have further been falsified 
> by the lack of dispersion from distant sources. These ideas are bad 
> interpretations of the Planck length. The Planck length is just the 
> smallest length beyond which you can isolate a quantum bit. Remember, it is 
> the length at which the Compton wavelength of a black hole equals its 
> Schwarzschild radius. It is a bit similar to the Nyquist frequency in 
> engineering. In order to measure the frequency of a rotating system you 
> must take pictures that are at least double that frequency. Similarly to 
> measure the frequency of an EM wave you need to have a wave with Fourier 
> modes that are 2 or more times the frequency you want to measure. The black 
> hole is in a sense a fundamental cut-off in the time scale, or in a 
> reciprocal manner the energy, one can sample space to find qubits. 
> The levels of confusion over this are enormous. It does not tell us that 
> spacetime is somehow sliced and diced into briquets or pieces. It does not 
> tell us that quantum energy of some fields can't be far larger than the 
> Planck energy, or equivalently the wavelength much smaller. This would be 
> analogous to a resonance state, and there is no reason there can't be such 
> a thing in quantum gravity. The Planck scale would suggest this sort of 
> state may decay into a sub-Planckian energy.  Further, it is plausible that 
> quantum gravity beyond what appears as a linearized weak field 
> approximation similar to the QED of photon bunched pairs may only exist at 
> most an order of magnitude larger than the Planck scale anyway. A 
> holographic screen is then a sort of beam splitter at the quantum-classical 
> divide.
> LC

Where is the "inconsistency" in the article

*Space and Time in* *Loop Quantum Gravity*
Carlo Rovelli 

Replacing spacetime with spinfoam still has some spin cycles left.

- pt

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