On Sun, Jan 20, 2019 at 4:31 PM Philip Thrift <cloudver...@gmail.com> wrote:

> *>>> What we call space (x,y,z) is just what we measure with a ruler.*
>>> *What we call time t is just what we measure with a clock.*
>> >>True, and thus space and time have well defined definitions. And
>> that's why we can't do experiments without a ruler and a clock, you
>> wouldn't know where to look for the results or when to look. Without
>>  experiment or prediction or even postdiction you're just navel gazing
>> not doing physics.
> > *I don't understand space and time have well defined definitions.*

it's odd you don't understand that as you give crystal clear definitions
yourself, space is what a ruler measures and time is what a clock measures.
Zero ambiguity in that.

> * > If (say) LQG is right, then* [....]

Then we'll never know it's right without an experiment that can confirm it,
 and experiments can't exist without rulers and clocks.

> > *then all rulers and clocks are are things made of QPSCs.*

So what? Everything is made of something else unless you're at the
fundamental level. Space and time may not be made of anything but at least
they're measurable, I don't see how claiming the fundamental level is mot
made of anything and is not measurable either get's you anywhere; you could
theorize it's made of anything you like and it would still be consistent
with any conceivable experiment. In other words its just navel gazing.

John k Clark

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