This replaces space, time, particles, fields with histories.

I think this is compatible with universal machines.

- pt

Histories Of Phenomenally Everything (HOPE)

            *or* Everything Histories (EH)


*Perhaps… we must also give up, by principle, the space-time continuum,” he 
wrote. “It is not unimaginable that human ingenuity will some day find 
methods which will make it possible to proceed along such a path. At the 
present time, however, such a program looks like an attempt to breathe in 
empty space.*
— Albert Einstein

In a HOPE-ful ontology, histories <> are the 
fundamental constituents of the universe. They replace spacetime 
—by *embedding*(bits of) spacetime within themselves.

   - Spacetime is derived from histories. (Some like the word *emerges*here.) 
   The spacetime continuum is replaced with historical paths (curves or walks).
   - There are possible histories and actual histories. Possible histories 
   reenforce or interfere with each other (via the path integral).
   - Histories replace not only spacetime, but particles and fields as 
   well, which are defined in terms of *ensembles* of histories. Histories 
   have *physical* properties, so a particular history can be an ‘electron’ 
   history, for example.
   - Histories have a path representation as a *sequence* going backwards 
   in time. An element of the path sequence could be (στ,φ), where στ is some 
   sort of spacetime-like parameter and φ is a physical parameter.* The 
   reverse paths (going forward in time) are called *futures*. In a biverse 
   (*reflective path integral* 
   <> universe), 
   retrocausality could be a feature.
   - Underspecified above: The type of path (*sequence*) and στ; how 
   histories interact.

* In a panpsychist theory 
<>, it 
would be (στ,φ,ψ), where ψ is the psychical parameter.

HOPE can also be Histories Of Practically Everything

Philip Thrif <>

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