On Mon, Feb 18, 2019 at 10:14 AM Bruno Marchal <marc...@ulb.ac.be> wrote:

>> Matter doesn't care if you believe in it or not, it will just continue
>> doing what it does.
> *> Assuming it exists.*

You've said that many many times before but I still don't get your point.
Apparently I don't know what you mean by "exists", but don't give me a
definition or a explanation give me an example; How would a world where
matter "exists" be different from a world where it did not?

> *> But in that case you have to explain what is primary matter,*

I can do much better than give an explanation, I can very easily give an
example of matter. I don't know if matter is primary but I do know you
can't do better because it's the oldest thing so far discovered.

> > *and how it makes some computations*

Turing gave an explanation of how matter can make a calculation way back in

> > *It is the common “Aristotle's mistake”*

The Great Aristotelian Mistake is to keep talking about the ancient Greek
Bozos as if any of them are important or have said anything profound. I've
had enough ancestor worship on this list for a lifetime.

> > To say “because matter is”

If you disagree with that then please tell me how a world where matter is
not would be different from a world where matter is.

> > is not a progress from “because A God made it”.

Physicists say "I can demonstrate that matter behaves this way under these
conditions", theologians say "God wants X" but can not demonstrate what
they say is true.

> * > It is just that after 529 in Occident, and after 1248 (Al Ghazali) in
> the Middle-East, the field has been made taboo or mocked by people who use
> dogma instead.*

Are you actually saying that Christian Bozos in 529 and Islamic Bozos in
1248 knew more about the nature of reality than the physicists at CERN in
2019?! Can you really make that asertian with a straight face?

 John K Clark

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