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> *Spacetime is an epiphenomenology of entanglement. There are several ways
> entanglement can happen. There is topological order that has no scaling, or
> where the entanglement occurs without any reference to space or distance.*

If there is no reference to space or distance in that sort of entanglement then
where does the epistemological phenomenon of distance come from? Do 2
points in space less than a Planck Length apart correspond to 2 different
entanglements, and is there any experimental evidence that could help us
answer this question? It seems to me the Gamma Ray Burst results must be
telling us something.

And what about time, is it fundamental; it's right there in the Schrödinger
equation and just takes it as a given.

> > *Then there are symmetry protected topological orders, where there is a
> locality.*

But we know from experiment that Bell's Inequality is violated, so I don't
see how that sort of entanglement could have produced the world we observe.

 John K Clark


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