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> On 2/14/2020 1:34 AM, Bruce Kellett wrote:
> That's quite an astute observation, Alan. The thing is, we can move on
> from there. If Many-worlds is true, all possible sets of measurements are
> generated, and most will give different values for the probabilities. For
> the observers getting the alternative data, there is nothing to tell them
> that they are getting the wrong answer. MWI is incoherent.
> Since it's an interpretation, not a theory, then there's nothing to tell
> us we're getting the wrong answer either.  We only think "answers" are
> wrong if they aren't replicated.

Probably true... But that is exactly what happens in MWI with one branch
per outcome -- the data obtained are independent of the
amplitudes/coefficients in the original state. So only a miracle could
ensure that repeats of an experiment gave the same results. Hence, by the
"no miracles" argument, MWI is incoherent.


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