Postscript: Where is the Marxist pagan World Court for the war crimes on 
Ukrainian people? Is the Court still busy chasing the American Presidents?
An Ululation on Stolen Sabbath, Sabbatical
Philip Benjamin 2-22-22.
Show, say: Sabbath, Sabbatical, surely sola Scriptura sources
Although acculturated; astoundingly authoritative assertions
But blatantly bastardized by bias-bastions, brutish billionaires
By bumptious books, bragging brats, boring befuddled brains
Avidly acknowledged and ascertained as astrometric anomalies
Terrestrially tacit, taken to tattered tactless transmundane towers
Philip Benjamin
             Note: Transmundane towers = Ivory towers

Woke/Cancel Culture? Will The WAMP Cancel Stolen Sabbath?
Bio dark-matter chemistry = Chemical bonds = Spin governed particle 
configurations of duet and octet.
AC = Awakened or Augustinian Consciousness by instrumentality of the Scriptures 
(Patriarchal, Prophetic, Apostolic).
UC = Un-awakened or Un-Augustinian Consciousness, governed by natural 
WAMP-the-Ingrate = Western Acade-Media Pagan(ism), including Hollywood, the 
stealing beneficiary
[Philip Benjamin]
Is the West Becoming Pagan Again?
Paganism in 21st-century Europe - what's the attraction?
    Paganism is well established in a number of European countries including 
Sweden, the Netherlands and Britain, where the Home Office recognised it as a 
bona fide religion in 1971; one of the practical implications of that official 
recognition is that prisoners can ask to be visited by Pagan chaplains. As well 
as having a website, the British Pagan Federation produces the quarterly 'Pagan 

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