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*> Was it Caligula who said, "It takes a dog to eat a dog."*

I think it was the Emperor Tiberius who said that when asked why he picked
Caligula to be his successor; but it doesn't matter, what should've been
said was "it takes a smart dog and one that cannot be easily swayed by
hollow flattery, to eat a dog. Donald Trump is a dog, but not the right
kind of dog to deal with Vladimir Putin.

> *> On your faux shaming of me for not trusting Joey over Vlad the Impaler,
> is that I surmise that your party and its financiers, hate the Great
> Internal Enemy, much as Stalin, Mao, Kim, Pol Pot,*

Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot can no longer harm me or anybody else, and Kim is
far away and controls a weak country. But fascist Republicans are numerous
and much closer, and there is a real danger that in the near future they
could seize total control of a country that is the world's strongest, both
economically and militarily, and also is the country I happened to live in.
So I don't believe it's illogical to have a less than friendly attitude
towards such people. The stakes are very high, there is a real possibility
that Donald Trump could give us a solution to the Fermi paradox, but not an
answer we'd like.

*> You guys are always worried that Donny was soft on Vlad, and "How
> unpatriotic!" I would say (I  am not complaining here) that you guys hate
> us, the Rep voter far more than Xi's China, or the Ayatollahs (look at Joey
> go!), or anyone else. It's us. *

Speaking of hate, I believe the principal reason Republicans in general and
you in particular hate Joe Biden so much is that he belongs to a different
tribe than you, in the voting booth there is a "D" next to his name not a
"R". As I've mentioned before for most of my life I was a registered
Republican, I'm a Democrat now but I have no particular loyalty towards
them, if they ever go half as crazy as Republicans have I would not
hesitate to drop them like a hot potato. And if there was any doubt before
then after January 6 2021 all doubt was removed and it became crystal clear
that Republicans hate Democrats more than they love the US Constitution or
democracy. I would even go so far as to say that some, perhaps most,
Republicans hate Democrats more than they love life.

> *> Happy Easter.*

And happy Jesus zombie day to you too.
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