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> *> As for the Sagan issue, as I distinctly recall that I posted the 
>> citations to those articles,*
> I distinctly remember asking you over and over and over for a link to the 
> journal articles (at least 2 you said) that you claim to have written with 
> Sagan, BUT I most certainly do *NOT* remember you actually doing so. But 
> it's easy enough to settle this issue, just post a link to these wonderful 
> papers you claim to have written with Sagan right now.
>> *> and a second paper. possibly just with Sagan or just with Morrison, in 
>> 1967 or 1968.*
> You can't seem to get your stories straight. So now you can't even 
> remember who you wrote the paper with in addition to not remembering the 
> topic of the paper, nor exactly where or when it was published. It 
> must've been a very forgettable paper. 
> > *David Morrison (check him out on Wiki)*
> I'm sure Wikipedia is the place where you found the name "David Morrison", 
> and I'm sure he wrote a paper with Carl Sagan. I am also sure that Carl 
> Sagan would not have wanted to co-write an astrophysical journal paper with 
> somebody who didn't even know you needed to achieve hypersonic speed to get 
> into orbit. 
> *> And No, I wasn't at Harvard,*
> What a surprise!  
>> > *but working at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, located at 
>> 67 Garden Street, in Cambridge MA.*
> Wow, you must be telling the truth because it would be impossible for you 
> to know what the address of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory was 
> unless you once worked there, as it is well known that the Smithsonian 
> keeps its address top-secret, tourists only find it by blindly stumbling 
> around and coming across it by sheer chance. 
> > *One or both were printed in The Astronomical Journal. I also told you 
>> that my real name is NOT Grayson,*
> And my real name is not John K Clark but is Albert Einstein, I'm getting a 
> little old these days but I've published all sorts of wonderful scientific 
> papers, although I can't now remember the topics of a single one of them.
> Mr. Mystery Man, if Alan Grayson is not your real name then you, whoever 
> you are, have presented absolutely no evidence, much less proof, that you 
> ever wrote a paper with Carl Sagan or with anybody else, zero zilch nada 
> goose egg. But you have inadvertently presented plenty of circumstantial 
> evidence that you could not possibly have. 
> *> As for Roswell, for someone who firmly believes in the most fantastical 
>> and improbable interpretation of QM,*
> If I'm a fool for believeing in Many Worlds then I'm in good company 
> because among physicists it's the second most popular quantum 
> interpretation, right after shut up and calculate.  
> > *Do you have a clue, or do you just like to demonstrate how closed you 
>> are to unusual phenomena?*
> Yep, I'm communicating with a very unusual phenomenon right now.  

You're a sad case, indeed. Those two papers were published around 54 years 
ago, so their references aren't at my fingertips. The titles were, "The 
Martian Wave of Darkening and Related Phenomena", and "Hypersensitization 
of Infrared Sensitive Plates (or Emulsions)". I recall that Carl really 
liked this second paper, presumably because in those days it was hard to 
observe anything planetary in great detail. We increased the sensitivity by 
a factor of 10, possibly more. The first was with Sagan and Morrison, and 
the second was just with Morrison, IIRC. The first was published in The 
Astronomical Journal, and I can't recall offhand where the second was 
published. When I gave you the address of the SAO, I internally predicted 
your dumb response and wasn't surprised. And Yes, you're a fool for 
believing in MWI, apparently because other fools share your belief. But 
MANY prominent scientists do NOT share that belief, such as the late Steven 
Weinberg. BTW, if the energy of other worlds depends on their probability 
of occurring, as Sean Carroll alleges, does gravity remain the same while 
the bridges don't collapse, or do the cars using them mysteriously lose 
mass according to Born's rule? AG

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