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>> Any idea that does not conform with quantum evolution being unitary is
>> an idea that does not conform with experimental evidence and thus has been
>> proven to be incorrect.
> * > Measurement is, and always has been, described in quantum theory by
> projection operators...which are not unitary. *

That's because an actual measurement is not a probability, it is a fact. A
*prediction* about what a measurement will be is a probability.

> * > Without them there is nothing in the theory to produce a result that
> can be compared to empirical observation.*

That's why experimental results always outranks any theory, and why any
theory that predicts the Born Rule will not work is a theory that is dead
wrong. It would be nice but a theory doesn't have to have the ability to
rigorously derive the Born Rule mathematically, but it must be compatible
with it.

* > In unitary evolution per the Schroedinger equation there are no
> "paticular universes", there's only a ray in Hilbert space.  Multiple
> universes is a FAPP viewpoint.  But so is wave-function collapse. *

Either the wave function collapses or it doesn't. If it does then collapse
then there is no world but this one and Schrodinger's equation is wrong, or
at least incomplete, because it says nothing about the wave collapsing. If
it doesn't collapse then Schrodinger's Equation is fine just as it is and
many worlds exist.

*> The information interpretation is QBism.*

I think the differences between the Copenhagen Interpretation, QBism, and
Shut Up And Calculate are just cosmetic. But if you put lipstick on a pig
it's still a pig. However, if one is completely uninterested in the
philosophical implications of science and just wants to make new gadgets
then you can be a good productive quantum physicist and have no quantum
interpretation at all.

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