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Subject: RE: [Consciousness-Online] FW: Is Artificial Life Conscious?
Hi, Rosie:
Doesn't that depend on how you define life itself? If life is defined as energy 
then almost everything is energy and life!! Then the question is what is 
energy? Nobody knows. A good beginning will be to define self-consciousness, 
i.e. to be conscious of "self". Then if self is not real, consciousness is also 
unreal and does not belong to the realm of science. If self is real and 
invisible the only candidate for that is bio dark-matter body "twin" cocreated 
with its own chemistry (computational) at the moment of conception, made of 
dark particles of negligible mass with respect to electron. Resonance between 
the twins will be a basis for self-consciousness. Resonance is rudimentary 
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Dear Philip,

1. To be conscious does something have to have a brain?

2. To be conscious does it have to be capable of reproducing?


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Subject: RE: Is Artificial Life Conscious?
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The question: "If simple creatures like worms or insects are conscious, 
(because they have brains, and evolved), then wouldn't these artificial life 
forms be conscious for the same reasons? " is irrelevant. Simple creatures 
reproduce. Will robots reproduce? Baby robots? Do they have a desire for and 
grow on the pablum of metal powder and vaseline? Simple creatures 
trans-speciated from what ? Worms evolve into worms? The oldest fossils found 
are algae and bacteria. Still the same type of bacteria and algae today!!
Philip Benjamin
Nonconformist to Marxist-Socialist pagan globalism of the WAMP.
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