Superposition and entanglement are different manifestations of a quantum 


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> Entanglement and Superposition Are Equivalent Concepts in Any Physical 
> Theory
> We prove that given any two general probabilistic theories (GPTs) the 
> following are equivalent: (i) each theory is nonclassical, meaning that 
> neither of their state spaces is a simplex; (ii) each theory satisfies a 
> strong notion of incompatibility equivalent to the existence of 
> “superpositions”; and (iii) the two theories are entangleable, in the sense 
> that their composite exhibits either entangled states or entangled 
> measurements. Intuitively, in the post-quantum GPT setting, a superposition 
> is a set of two binary ensembles of states that are unambiguously 
> distinguishable if the ensemble is revealed before the measurement has 
> occurred, but not if it is revealed after. This notion is important because 
> we show that, just like in quantum theory, superposition in the form of 
> strong incompatibility is sufficient to realize the Bennett-Brassard 1984 
> protocol for secret key distribution.
> Free access preprint:
> Dirk

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