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  Hi Rosie, They are PHYSICAL matter particles. Chemistry means  PHYSICAL 
chemical bonds which are PHYSICAL duets and octets of PHYSICAL particles 
(electrons). Dark matter is PHYSICAL, gravitationally and optically measurable. 
 Spin is amathematical derivative and PHYSICAL. There is no  PHYSICAL need to 
bring metaphysics or mysticism or occultism or the breaking of basic Laws of 
Logic into any REAL science.
Philip Benjamin
PS. Glad to know that Serge is alive and well in Ukraine, as a real patriotic 
citizen against fascist PAGAN tyranny.
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so atoms are matter [material] but they are formed from particles.

These particles must have a very fundamental set of functions in order to bond 
- the laws of attraction and repulsion for example - and form an atom. Do they 
literally spin or only figuratively spin?

Are they material or non material ? Atums [with a u, o 'objects' maybe ?]


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[Philip Benjamin]
As for Wikipedia, there is no contradiction here! As far as chemistry is 
concerned an atom is the smallest unit of matter for any chemical bonds. No 
atom, no chemistry. As for the British Encyclopedia, "without the release of 
electrically charged particles" (i.e. before division into constituent 
fundamental particles) is the keynote. It is high time that the sciences think 
in terms of Dark atoms and their Dark chemistries.
Brilliant Niels Bohr and his ardent followers did not think in terms of 
chemistry. There are physicists who still think of Socialist PAGAN Hitler and 
Marxist PAGAN Stalin and Fascist PAGAN Mussolini or appeaser-occultist PAGAN 
Neville Chamberlain still carrying out their activities in the Many Worlds!! 
Absurdly, they have no need of a Many World chemistry!! There are eminent 
physicists who follow the late brilliant physicist Stephen Hawking in proposing 
"self-creation" of the Universe (Many Worlds?), without being aware of the 
basic logical Law of Noncontradiction" and the basic laws of chemistry.
Philip Benjamin  (Nonconformist to anarchist Marxist pagan globalism of 
Subject: RE: [Consciousness-Online] FW: Is Artificial Life Conscious?

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