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[Philip Benjamin] How much more precisely can PHYSICAL be defined? There are 
five fundamental questions pertaining to any observation: what, why, how, when, 
where?  The ultimate meaning of what of anything remains unknown to science or 
philosophy!! What is a photon? Electron? Etc. That is true of why also? Why 
something rather than nothing? Can any science or philosophy tell that? Science 
is about observations. Observations are primarily about when, where, how. The 
ultimate or final 'who' and 'what' are not within the purview of science or any 
finite minds. The questions of aseity and infinite regress have to be settled 
for that.  WAMP-the-Ingrate can only PRETEND to know everything!! They are the 
most dangerous specimens of mankind today. They did not and could not exist 
during the dominance of the sphere of influence of Augustinian or Thomist 
thoughts and experiential facts.
Philip Benjamin

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But a definition of terms would help enormously.

Supernatural is just parts of Nature 'unexplained'. It is all natural.

And when James Randi tried his best to weed out the deluded, I know from my own 
experience, they exist. But he also weeded out people who were genuine, people 
he regarded as dangerous, because they didn't realise what their powers really 
were, or how they worked and as a consequence were a potential risk. If I can 
bend metal from a distance I can down planes. I become a weapon.

But I was with Bill, our neighbour's border collie, the other night and though 
he looks at me directly eye for eye, with great soulful brown eyes , 
occasionally, he follows heaven knows what around the room.

There are numerous things hovering over me if his eyes are any indicator and, 
just like Muffin, he seems to take orders from entities unseen. It may be dark 
matter or dark energy, but things outside my perception system exist. And 
animals can 'see' [perceive] them - especially border collies.

This realm of other worlds - caused by the fact we seem to be 'interleaved' 
with many other things - each of which may be perceiving things differently, 
simply isn't being taken into account.

Dark matter is matter [let us leave it at that] that humans cannot perceive and 
other animals often can, and these animals offer us a far better opportunity to 
explore it [as long as they are treated with kindness of course] than shooting 
at atoms in very expensive colliders, for all they tell you is that if you 
shoot something valuable enough times, some of the pieces may appear similar, 
but you are simply destroying something precious, without actually realising 
the effects could be catastrophic.

I hope you can see the point I am making. All these Higgs bosoms [joke] and 
leptons and so on are simply the effects of matter we cannot perceive doing 
things. The effects aren't the matter, they are only effects, because we don't 
have the equipment or perception systems to ever realise they are there.

And we never will, unless we use other species to help us, and humans who, by 
some fluke of nature get glimpses of other realms and can report back.

Long again, sorry, but I am genuinely very worried by the approach many 
'scientists' are taking. There is the potential in what you are all doing, to 
produce absolutely catastrophic results and don't seem to realise how dangerous 
what you are doing is.


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[Philip Benjamin]
There are many flippant notions of "spirituality" thoughtlessly promoted by 
WAMP-the-Ingrate; but physical, metaphysical, mental, 'spiritual' etc. must be 
reevaluated as ordinary materialism of ordinary light matter with its chemistry 
and extraordinary materialism of extraordinary matter with its chemistry. 
Physical originally meant natural and was used for medicinal lingo of the 
ancient Greeks. The difference between physical and spiritual then in many 
instances become very tenuous.
Philip Benjamin
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PHYSICAL meaning:
"That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen 
with our eyes, which we have looked at and our hands have touched-this we 
proclaim concerning the Word of life." 1John 1:1
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I know Philip.

But there again your reply was full of the word physical - with no definition 
as to what 'physical' was. As such I can choose whatever meaning I like


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