[Philip Benjamin]
  Samiya Illias may be right, but who cares for the Bible? Islam consider it as 
a lost Book, with the current copies as all fake. See below what modern Judaism 
views about the Torah. Whe America was  founded there were > 98.8% Protestants, 
<1% Roman Catholics and < 0.2% Jews and they all recognized the current copies 
of OT and/or NT as true to the Originals.  {Koran called them as People of the 
Book). The Bible was the only authority for 98.8 % of the population, whether 
they practiced it or not! That is ludicrous and abominable today. The “Two 
Great Awakenings” (1 st led by the prodigious philosopher Jonathan Edwards, the 
founder of Princeton University and the 2 nd led by the President of Yale 
University), were both the outcome in individual life by ‘the Word through the 
operation of the Spirit to the Knowledge of Redemptive History fulfilled in the 
vicarious death, burial and resurrection of the Messiah according to the 
eternal counsel of the Triune Adonai (plural) YHWH (singular) Elohim 
(uni-plural). There is the difference of light and darkness between 
WAMP-the-Ingrate of today and the “Awakened America” for which the 
ex-seminarian turned Marxist pagan Hitler unconsciously coined the term 
“American Exceptionalism”. There are only two ways out of the present doldrums: 
 1. A Third Great Awakening, perhaps led by a President of a university of 
Gomorrah  2. Civil War as desired or wishfully/willfully thought out probably 
by a WAMP product below.
Philip Benjamin
Nonconformist to Marxist-socialist-fascist pagan globalism.
 Wed 11 May 2022 05.18 EDT
“Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, who served in President Bill Clinton’s 
administration, on Wednesday explained why he believes the second American 
Civil War is already in progress.”
[Philip Benjamin]
   Samiya Illias quote  “The Torah, The Bible, and The Quran warn against 
homosexual relationships,”
https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/2696758/  Y.H Kahn
PMID: 2696758 DOI: 10.1300/J082v18n03_03
Progressive Jews have begun in recent years to question the underlying premises 
of traditional Jewish teaching on sexuality. Employing the categories of 
covenant theology and applying the interpretative methodology of liberal 
Judaism, the author argues for the valuation of the person as homosexual as a 
legitimate expression of human and Jewish covenantal obligation.
 fri Ilany Aug. 5, 2015 Updated: Apr. 24, 2018   Homosexuality Is Part of 
Jewish Tradition

 Israel’s health minister: Overturning Roe v. Wade would be ‘a fatal blow to 
human rights’ Philissa Cramer Posted May 4, 2022
  Jewish organizations say restricting abortion access would violate their 
religious freedoms…..  Jewish communities react to the possible overturning of 
Roe v. Wade, which could violate their First Amendment rights Katie Balevic and 
Katherine Tangalakis-Lippert

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As in the Days of Lot

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[Philip Benjamin]   References given at the bottom.
  NYTimes.com: "Don't Just Freeze Russia's Money. Seize It. " The WAMP defined 
below knows that the unspoken reason for the Russo-Ukraine war is moral not 
political- an unenergized bio dark-matter twin body problem.
" Western nations commit genocide upon other countries that refuse to hold gay 
pride parades." Says the Orthodox Patriarch of Russia. "Ukraine's LGBTQ is 
forced to confront this as a threat to its own community" reports NY Times. 
Russia was frightened by the decrepit Western cultural onslaught on their 
traditional institutions especially the school systems. So they amend their 
Constitution to ban LGBTQ agenda. "Super Power" America & the West has long 
forgotten their 
Puritan-"Great Awakening" roots which have now become largely  a terra 
incognita (verisimilar to Judges 2:10). Instead they conformed to 
Marxist-Socialist-pagan globalism which Russia has rejected. The cowardice of 
unawakened consciousness created a leadership vacuum which Russia now 
presumably decided to fill.
Philip Benjamin
(Nonconformist to Marxist pagan globalism)

    NY Times. 
"But the war that started when Russia invaded on Feb. 24 has forced Ukraine's 
L.G.B.T.Q. movement to confront a threat not only to national sovereignty, but 
also to its own community. A pro-Russian puppet government, they say, would be 
less supportive of the L.G.B.T.Q. agenda."
   https://god.dailydot.com/russian-bishop-gay-pride/  Russian Orthodox bishop 
Kirill, the official Orthodox Patriarch of Moscow, came out with a rather wild 
claim about "the West" during a sermon, saying that Western nations commit 
genocide upon other countries that refuse to hold gay pride parades. No, really.
"In a sermon held on Sunday, Russian Church leader, Kirill justified Ukraine's 
invasion & blamed gay pride parades for Russia's invasion of the war-hit 
Ukraine". Written By Ajay Sharma
March 8, 2022. "Russian Orthodox Church alleges gay pride parades were part of 
the reason for Ukraine war   From CNNs Delia Gallagher in Rome... Patriarch 
Kirill of Moscow, a long-time ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, said on 
Sunday that the conflict in Donbas is about "a fundamental rejection of the 
so-called values that are offered today by those who claim world power." The 
"test" of which side you are on, said Kirill, is whether your country is 
willing to hold gay pride parades. "In order to enter the club of those 
countries, it is necessary to hold a gay pride parade. Not to make a political 
statement, 'we are with you,' not to sign any agreements, but to hold a gay 
parade. And we know how people resist these demands and how this resistance is 
suppressed by force," Kirill said during a sermon in Moscow. "
    Russia bans same sex marriages. Russian President Vladimir Putin has 
submitted a slew of proposed amendments to the country's constitution that 
include a mention of God and describe marriage as a heterosexual union.By 

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