If you've ever seen the movie The Princess Bride (great movie by the way)
you may remember the humorous "battle of wits" sequence in which one of the
characters tries to figure out which of two goblets contains a deadly
poison, he uses an incredibly convoluted chain of and iterated deductions
about what another person is thinking and claims to have deduced the
answer, but GPT-4 had no trouble in figuring out that it was silly circular
logic and in such a situation all you can do is make a guess with 50-50
odds of success. So much for those who claim GPT-4 is just a statistical
engine that can only make probabilistic guesses as to what the next word in
a sentence probably should be!

GPT-4 Theory of Mind: The "Battle of Wits" experiment on reasoning circular
logic <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcpATJshf9k>

And here is the entire battle of wits sequence from the movie:

The Princess Bride (Movie CLIP) The Battle of Wits

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