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 > *the greatest human induced killing in human history was Mao's Great
> Leap Forward 1958-1962. 45 million dead of starvation, all done from bad
> agricultural planning by the CCP.*

True. For a few years after the death of chairman Mao China started moving
in the right direction, but now Xi is trying to take his country back
to the bad
old days.

> *Chatbots will be operated as the CCP has done from it's inception, as a
> tool or oppression, and spying. First and foremost on it's own serfs, and
> later, if permitted, upon the rest of us.*

China is way behind the US in the field of Artificial Intelligence and
unless it makes a radical change in its political system that gap will only
increase. The same thing is true for microelectronics. China should be
embarrassed that a small island country just off its coast, Taiwan with a
population of only 23 million (smaller than China's largest city) and with
the same language and culture but a very different political/economic
system, is a microelectronics Superpower but China, with a population of
1.4 billion, is a virtual non-entity in that field.

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