On Sunday, 30 April 2023 at 10:29:20 UTC+10 Jesse Mazer wrote:

I think there is plenty of evidence that GPT4 lacks "understanding" in a 
human-like sense, some good examples of questions that trip it up in this 


The first example they give is the question 'Jack and Jill are sitting side 
by side. The person next to Jack is angry. The person next to Jill is 
happy. Who is happy, Jack or Jill?' Both GPT3 and GPT4 think Jill is happy. 
The article also gives example of GPT4 doing well on more technical 
questions but then seeming clueless about some of the basic concepts 
involved, for example it can explain Euclid's proof of the infinity of the 
primes in various ways (including inventing a Platonic dialogue to explain 
it), but then when asked 'True or false? It's possible to multiply a prime 
number by numbers other than itself and 1', it answers 'False. A prime 
number can only be multiplied by itself and 1'. The article also mentions a 
word problem along similar lines: 'Here’s an amusing example: If you split 
a prime number of pebbles into two groups, GPT-4 “thinks” one of the groups 
must have only 1 pebble (presumably because of a shallow association 
between divisor and the splitting into groups).'

The author concludes:

'When a human understands something — when they’re not just relying on 
habits and associations, but they “get it” — they’re using a structured 
internal model. The model coherently patterns the human’s performance on 
complex and simple tasks. But in GPT, complex feats seem to haphazardly 
dissociate from the simpler abilities that — in humans — they would 
presuppose. The imitative process mimics outputs of the original process, 
but it doesn’t seem to reproduce the latter’s deep structure.'

So if the next version of GPT can answer questions like this in the same 
way a human might, would that be evidence that it has true understanding, 
or will some other objection be raised? 

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