The New York Times just published this which they say caused Tucker Carlson
to be fired from Fox News, it was an exhibit in the libel suit against Fox
that was out settled out of court for $787.5 million:


*Tucker Carlson* January 7, 2021 — 04:18:04 PM UTC

*"A couple of weeks ago, I was watching video of people fighting on the
street in Washington. A group of Trump guys surrounded an Antifa kid and
started pounding the living shit out of him. It was three against one, at
least. Jumping a guy like that is dishonorable obviously. It’s not how
white men fight. Yet suddenly I found myself rooting for the mob against
the man, hoping they’d hit him harder, kill him. I really wanted them to
hurt the kid. I could taste it. Then somewhere deep in my brain, an alarm
went off: this isn’t good for me. I’m becoming something I don’t want to
be. The Antifa creep is a human being. Much as I despise what he says and
does, much as I’m sure I’d hate him personally if I knew him, I shouldn’t
gloat over his suffering. I should be bothered by it. I should remember
that somewhere somebody probably loves this kid, and would be crushed if he
was killed. If I don’t care about those things, if I reduce people to their
politics, how am I better than he is?"*
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