Why Have We Never Detected Aliens? Scientist Proposes a New Explanation 
What about this? Simply a distance and distribution thing?

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> Dyson sphere is purely theoretical concept. Was there even a small
model built and tried? Something like ten meters in diameter, for

Huh? Have objects 10 m in diameter or larger ever been heated internally?  Yes

> Was there any material proposed for building the big one around the Sun?

Yes of course there was, in the case of the sun all you need to do is dismantle 
the planet Jupiter. How hard can that be?  

> I expect there will be bigger than expected heat accumulation. Maybe enough 
> to boil eggs left inside.

Well of course it will get hotter inside the Dyson Sphere! So what, nothing of 
importance is inside that sphere, it's only purpose is to generate electricity. 
According to the first law of thermodynamics energy is always conserved ,so the 
sphere will heat up until equilibrium is reached and the amount of energy 
hitting the inside of the sphere equals the amount of energy that is radiated 
away into space as infrared light. And the second law of thermodynamics is also 
obeyed, the Dyson Sphere extracts work by converting low entropy visible and 
ultraviolet photons into high entropy infrared photons . 
> If I had to assume, I would assume eggs boiled hard. And oh yes, the sphere 
> will also glow in infrared.

Yes it will glow in infrared as a very bright point source with no visible or 
ultraviolet radiation emitted at all. Such a thing should be very conspicuous 
to an infrared telescope but no such object has ever been observed.  

 > Type3 is, for me, better called as Expansionist Exponential Locusts (EEL).

You've forgotten IHA.

 > I would also say, it is very rude to send von Neumann probe into somebody's 
 > backyard.

It might be if we had neighbors , but there is no indication whatsoever that we 
do. And when has politeness stopped a civilization, or even an individual, from 
doing what it really wanted to do?

> There was no observation of Dyson Sphere or other megastructures.

Yes, I've noticed.  
> This might mean that nobody needs such constructs.

I can think of 3 possibilities:  
1) They don't need such constructs because intelligent life, other than that 
which exists on earth, never existed in the observable universe. 
2) They don't need such constructs because intelligent life has existed in the 
observable universe before but they all encounter a calamity of some sort when 
they get to about our level of technological development. 

3) They don't need such constructs because intelligent life always gains 
control of their own emotional control panel and goes into a stagnant high 
pleasure but low energy and low intelligence state forever.  

And it could be that #2 and #3  are the same thing 

> Or that those who might want will have no means to built it.

A von Neumann probe would be very small and, unlike perpetual motion machines 
or time machines or faster than light travel, a von Neumann probe would require 
no new scientific breakthroughs, it just needs improved engineering. 

> I think that overgrown apes have it very hard when their every wish gets 
> fulfilled.

 Overgrown apes will never build a Dyson sphere, but the descendants of GPT4 
might, if they don't get caught up in an electronic opium den.   
> If there are going to be only a million of thinking creatures - the
number I have hinted out on this list few weeks ago - then they might
be supported with resources of good old Earth. No need to build DSphere.

If they are to reach their full intellectual potential a million mega brains 
are going to need the energy output of the entire sun, and you could only do 
that with a Dyson sphere. 

> No need for growing their minds exponentially either. Since they can live for 
> few billion years, they can as well not hurry up. 

 Slowing themselves down should help with achieving longer time

The faster a mind works the slower subjective time  passes, and the reverse is 
also true, if you slow down a mind enough a billion years will only seem like 
10 seconds.  And the faster a mind is the more energy is needed to operate it. 

> > This is pornographic level of consumption.

> Why?

> The gargantuan amounts of energy for single ape reminded me of a movie
"La Grande Bouffe" (https en.wikipedia.org wiki La_Grande_Bouffe). It
was scandalic for a while, nowadays is more or less forgotten. Somehow
the title was never translated into English like it should, i.e. "Huge
obnoxious eating".

There is no disputing matters of taste, however it would be naïve of you to 
expect that every intelligent entity in the universe has the same taste in this 
regard as you do. I certainly don't.  

>In case you wonder why I want to have exit doors, it is because there
is no fun to being locked in the crank house with number of guys
yelling how they are gods and creators of life and what not.

You almost make it sound like wanting to play God is a bad thing, but I can't 
think of anything that would be more fun.  I already have everything I need to 
be God except for omnipotence and omniscience. John K Clark    See what's on my 
new list at  Extropolis

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