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* > That was one of the original motivations for QC, protein folding.  But
> ironically there have now been developed fast classical algorithms that do
> protein folding.  This illustrates that there is no proof that QC is
> necessarily faster than the fastest of all possible classical algorithms.*

Yes nobody has proved it, nevertheless nearly every mathematician thinks
it's true and quantum computers can do things that conventional computers
can't. My intuition tells me the same thing, now that we know for sure that
what Einstein called "spooky action at a distance " is real it seems to me
there must be some way to put this interesting scientific phenomenon to
work to our technological advantage. And quantum computers do that but
conventional computers do not.

By the way, there is a new result that does not prove a quantum computer
could solve all nondeterministic polynomial time problems in polynomial
time BUT it does PROVE  that even if P=NP and even if we had an algorithm
that could solve NP problems on a conventional computer in polynomial time
there would STILL be a class of problems that a conventional computer could
NOT solve efficiently but a quantum computer COULD.  Although I must admit
that this is a class of very exotic problems that were recently discovered
that may be of fundamental interest in themselves or they may be
interesting for no reason other than that a conventional computer can’t
solve them but a quantum computer can. This is so recent nobody knows yet.

Oracle Separation of BQP and PH

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