I recently read an article on Big Think that reminded me of something I
wrote on the old Cryonics Mailing List 29 years ago on January 19, 1994:

"*Ever want to accomplish something but have been unable to because It's
difficult, well just change your goal in life to something simple and do
that; better yet, flood your mind with a feeling of pride and self
satisfaction and don't bother accomplishing anything. Think all this is a
terrible idea and stupid as well , no problem, just change your mind (and I
do mean CHANGE YOUR MIND) now you think it's a wonderful idea. O.K., O.K.
I'm exaggerating a little, the steps would probably be smaller, at least at
first, but the result would be the same. I don't have the blueprints for a
Jupiter brain in my pocket but I do know that complex mechanisms don't do
well in a positive feedback loop, not electronics, not animals, not people
and not Jupiter brains. True, you could probably set up negative feedback
of some kind to counteract it, but that would result in a decrease in
happiness so would you really want to do that?*"

I could've summed it up by saying it might be the explanation of the Fermi
paradox and that extraterrestrial civilizations may not end in a bang or a
whimper but in a moan of orgastic pleasure.

The pursuit of pleasure could doom all intelligent life

John K Clark    See what's on my new list at  Extropolis


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