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*> As far as consciousness is concerned, you've done your research on AG
> and determined his creation was remarkably similar to yours. Hence, if you
> consider yourself conscious, you can extend that belief to AG.*

But I don't believe that  Alan Grayson is conscious all the time, not when
he's sleeping or or under anesthesia or dead because during those times he
is not behaving intelligently.

*> Generally, that in principle is what we humans habitually do. But AI
> does not fall into this category of YOUR knowing. To equate your knowledge
> of AG with AI is just a foolish extrapolation. AG*

By using your same logic would it also be foolish extrapolation for GPT-4
to conclude that human beings are conscious? That is the more important
question because in the long run it won't  really matter if humans think an
AI is conscious or not, but an AI's opinion of human beings will matter a
lot, at least for the humans.

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