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*> How, would a dark star function? If we found one, in actuality, could we
> somehow construct a fusion reactor that runs on dark energy.*

Even the universe doesn't know how to make a Dark Star anymore, it could do
it 13 billion years ago but conditions were very different back then.
However I have my own looney idea about how to create unlimited energy.
There is no way to turn the symbol "9" into a "p" if they remain in the 2
dimensional plane, however if you lift the 9 into the third dimension and
flip it over and then put it back the 9 becomes a p. And if you could lift
a three-dimensional right handed glove into the fourth spatial dimension
and flip it over and put it back you would turn a right handed glove into a
left handed glove, except that the glove would probably now be made of
antimatter and would explode with the force of an H bomb as soon as it came
in contact with regular matter. String theory postulates that there are 7
additional spatial dimensions in addition to the three we are familiar
with, if just one of those extra dimensions is large enough to accommodate
an atom and a way can be found to flip it over without using too much
energy then we could produce virtually unlimited amounts of energy with
matter antimatter collisions.

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