to 2005-12-22 klockan 12:13 +0800 skrev Simon.Zheng:

>     #include "e-i18n.h"

This file should stay in evo/e-util, and also the e_gettext() function
that it declares. e_gettext() should presumably be moved into a file of
its own, e-i18n.c or e-gettext.c.

The (merged) e-util.c in e-d-s/libedataserver doesn't use any i18n

>     #include "e-util-private.h"

That file should also stay in evo/e-util. It contains only things
related to the Win32 port (for instance #defines O_BINARY as zero on
Unix). The functions it declares are in e-win32-reloc.c.


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