on 2005-12-21 klockan 10:45 +0000 skrev Ross Burton:

> I've not looked at the source, but what does e_gettext() do that the
> i18n functions in glib/gi18n.h doesn't? 

Well, e_gettext() calls bindtextdomain(E_I18N_DOMAIN,
EVOLUTION_LOCALEDIR) and bind_textdomain_codeset(E_I18N_DOMAIN, "UTF-8")
the first time it is called. I don't think any GLib functionality would
take care of that?

OTOH, those calls could well be taken care of by the appropriate main
program, i.e. shell/main.c. And actually, surprise surprise, there
already are calls bindtextdomain (GETTEXT_PACKAGE, EVOLUTION_LOCALEDIR)
and bind_textdomain_codeset (GETTEXT_PACKAGE, "UTF-8") there. Presumably
the E_I18NDOMAIN in evo/e-util/e-util.c is the same as GETTEXT_PACKAGE
in main.c? Could uses of e-i18n.h be replaced by, eh, gi18n.h? e-i18n.h
include also gnome-i18n.h. what role does that play? Does the fact that
Evo HEAD should be buildable against GLib 2.4 (and whatever is the
corresponding old GNOME version) confuse issues any further?

Argh, this mess is so weird...

> Is it just legacy code from the
> days before decent i18n in glib?



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