Hey, it's very irritating to do a cvs update and notice stuff like:

cvs server: Updating libwombat
cvs server: Updating macros
cvs server: Updating mail
P mail/em-folder-properties.c
P mail/evolution-mail.schemas.in.in
P mail/mail-session.c
P mail/mail.error.xml
cvs server: Updating mail/default
cvs server: Updating mail/default/C
cvs server: Updating mail/default/de

Notice: no update to mail/ChangeLog. You get the feeling somebody is
trying to sneak in something without telling... Sure, it's trivial to
run cvs log and/or cvs diff on the changed files (I didn't do that yet)
(and that of course is the only way to *really* find out what's changed
by who and when, ChangeLog entries can and should be just summaries).
But still, please try to write also a ChangeLog entry for each change,
no matter how trivial or cosmetic.

All this IMHO, of course.


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