fr 2005-12-09 klockan 17:50 +0000 skrev michael meeks:

Hmm, either you have a time machine Michael, or there has been some
slight delay in the mailing list ;-)

Anyway, many of the duplicates you list (I guess that's what this is
about, "interposing" ?) have indeed been fixed, or are being fixed, in
HEAD. And the libgal library doesn't exist any longer. Anyway, the list
you provided sure needs to be scrutinized.

Odd that your script didn't notice some duplicated functions from code
generated the ORBit2 IDL compiler. There should have been such in, lemme
recall, the libevolution-mail and libeshell DSOs, for instance. Or maybe
those cases had been introduced only in HEAD? (Anyway, they should be
fixed now.) Or isn't this finterpose script about just finding duplicate
symbols, but something more complex?


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