В Пнд, 27/02/2006 в 17:49 -0500, Mikhail Teterin пишет:
> I'm trying to convince the maintainers of the evolution-data-server
> FreeBSD port (<http://freshports.org/databases/evolution-data-server>)
> to build the software against the db4-version installed by the separate
> port of SleepyCat's db4 (<http://freshports.org/databases/db43>).
> I'm using the thus built evolution (against db-4.3.29) to type this
> message, but they remain hesitant, because of the past problems they
> encountered trying to build evolution using the already installed db3
> instead of the version then-bundled with evolution.
> I'm guessing, you used to have modified version of db3, which allowed it
> to work, where the "standard" version did not. Is there anything like
> that in the db4.1 version bundled with e-d-s, or can we safely
> use any reasonably recent version of db4?
> Moreover, perhaps, you can be convinced to stop the bundling of db4
> completely and turn it into just another pre-requisite?

I used to compile e-d-s 1.4 along an external db4.3, by applying a
simple patch. It didn't seem to cause any problems.
So, what's the purpose of bundling an obsolete version of Berkeley DB
inside the project?
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