On 4/2/06, Pejvan BEIGUI <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Heya
> That's great news to some extend!
> Some remarks though:
> 1- Can't find the read me file you mentionned
> 2- Can't find the "Exchange" module (can't select server type "Exchange")
>  3- How to uninstall it?

1) The readme is here


2)  In 2.6 The exchange module does not work as a different component. Its
been integrated to work as imap, groupwise etc. So you will find account type
exchange in your create new account wizard.

Also make sure that the exchange plugin is checked in the edit->plugins tab

It should work.

3) Dude, it gets installed in /opt/gnome-2.14

delete that to uninstall it.  The installer is in /Applications move that to

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