I was just looking at the wiki about ideas for google summer of code at 


I wrote one idea, its basically a re-write of e-folder-tree to make it 
understand user profiles. 

Basically this is the premise. A lot of us have about 60 folders with 
atleast 4-5 accounts. We hardly check mail in more than 4 or 5 folders. 
The UI is cumbersome to navigate through only these four or five
folders. So in a profiled view only these folders would be visible. 
Also connection handling on these folders could be a profile property. 

Right now, every time one starts up new mail is checked in either every
folder or just the INBOX, it would be nice if i could mark 4/5 folders 
to be checked at startup as a part of the profile property. This would 
mean some changes in camel too. 

What do you guys think of this idea? I am sure there are better stuff to
be done but i always thought this would be cool. Lets bounce some ideas 
so that we can get somebody from the summer of code to work on them. 

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