må 2006-06-19 klockan 00:18 +0300 skrev Tor Lillqvist:

>I think it is possible to get the same effect as FD_CLOEXEC, though, by
> duplicating the socket using DuplicateHandle() to be non-inheritable,
> closing the original, and using the duplicated socket instead. Will have
> to try.

Indeed, works like a charm. I am a bit embarrassed now, though, that I
so lightly had just ifdeffified the code in ORBit2 that does FD_CLOEXEC
on the sockets, without really thinking what consequences there might be
on Windows when sockets get inherited. Oh well.

Luckily there doesn't seem to be that many uses of FD_CLOEXEC in the
GNOME libs that I have ported, or Evo. Most of them are in code for
functionality that is ifdeffed out for Windows completely anyway.


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