Konstantin Breyer writes:
 > Join in. For the sake of good order, please fax the signed license
 > agreement (please delete inapplicable terms) back to us (+49/40/34
 > 72 93 77) and e-mail me the system requirement sheet.

You don't need any permission to redistribute Evolution. That's one
point of Open Source software. Read the license. (And anyway, even if
you would need permission, it isn't I who who would be the right
person to sign any agreements. Novell owns the copyright to Evolution,
and the copyright to the large number of Open Source libraries it uses
each have differing copyright owners.)

The only thing you *might* need permission for is to use the
"Evolution" trademark (which is owned by Novell). But I don't know how
strict this is? I am certainly no lawyer. Do all the Linux distros
that distribute Evolution have explicit permission to use the
"Evolution" name? At least, what you definitely should not do is to
claim that Novell would in any way support Evolution on Windows or
endorse your redistribution of it.

I don't have any "system requirement sheet" except that I know for
sure it won't work on Win9x or NT4.

Anyway, the 2.6.2 version is a bit old. Unfortunately there isn't any
all-inclusive end-user-friendly installer for the latest version,
2.8.2, like there is for 2.6.2. There is only .zip files with binaries
for the individual software packages at ftp.gnome.org.

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