Hi all

Over on bugzilla for bug 311512 I've been proposing an approach for
fixing the bug of new mail notifications (getting them even if you just
move a message to another folder, getting them even though the newmail
is junk, and so on).

You can read about my thinking & new approach on the bugzilla, and also
find two patches: for evolution and e-d-s respectively attached to the
same bugzilla entry (ids 80036 & 80037).

It would be great is someone wiser than me could review the direction I
have taken and give their feedback. I've noted a couple of pitfalls in
the bugzilla. Another one is that with this approach we really lose
sight of which folder has the new mail, so can't send this in the dbus
notification message. However, the notifier-applet on the other end
doesn't necessarily need to know the folder, so we could change the
evolution plugin and remove sending the folder name altogether.

Comments or feedback would be much appreciated.


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