Hi list,

while preparing ebuilds for gentoo gnome-experimental overlay, I came
across a "fix" that was present since... who knows (years???).

It's a simple call to intltoolize --force. What for ? To fix the sources
released with a broken intltool. If you have generated the rules to
compile translation with intltool 0.35.1 then if you have LINGUAS set to
something else than what is available, the compilation breaks. intltool
0.35.[0234] handles that nicely.

example: I have LINGUAS="fr en ja zh zh_CN", if ALL_LINGUAS only defines
fr, zh_CN, I'm screwed. Please fix it for next release. Currently I'm
sure gtkhtml-3.13.91 is affected but the fix is present on all evo
related ebuild on gentoo so you might want to check these anyway.
Gilles Dartiguelongue <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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