Hi Jeffrey

>Over on bugzilla for bug 311512 I've been proposing an approach for
>fixing the bug of new mail notifications...

Jeffrey wrote:
> Karl: this is how we originally implemented this feature... I don't remember
> what all the problems were, but it's got at least these problems:
> - it won't work for folders other than "Inbox"
> - it won't work unless the user enables filtering for IMAP/MH/Maildir (aka
> Storage) account types.

Yeah - those were among my fears of this approach. However, I still guess 
email 'as it comes into evolution' ought to be the right direction.

A question about Imap (and other storage type) accounts: when a new mail appears
on the server in a non-Inbox folder, how does Evolution detect its presence 
either the user 'visiting' that folder (forcing Evo to do a quick re-sync) or 
storage-server (e.g. the Imap server) 'pushing' the info to the client?

More specifically, where in the code might I see this?

Another completely alternative approach would, I guess, be to look at the 
'stand-alone' notification programmes that are out there (e.g. 
Perhaps a case could be made for moving the 'notification functionality' out of
evolution client completely and into a standalone sub-programme?

Just more thoughts in search of a solution ...

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