now that i have found out the aim of the 2.9.x evo series (= stability),
i'd love to present you a list of crasher reports. it is also available

Evolution crashes when closing main window
174 duplicates. NEEDINFO state.
crash in camel-mime-part-utils.c:71
93 duplicates, and an inviting stacktrace.
82 duplicates.
can somebody (varadhan? sankar?) please comment on comment 79?
Crash in ETable a11y code
61 duplicates.
can evolution developers please run their desktops with accessibility
enabled, to also run into this issue 5 times a day, like i do?
srini, can the patch please go in for 2.10?

and of course there are lots of crashers with good traces available,
e.g. 387143, 271693, 411018, 410750, 349913, 411885, 412582, 412565,
405777, to list only a few. would be nice to fix some of them before
branching for evolution 2.19 (we will switch to the gnome version naming
system to reduce confusion, won't we?  ;-)

harish, can i get a "new features in 2.10"-list and a "really
definitely(TM) planned stuff for 2.20"-list? (...nagging...)

thanks a lot folks,

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