We have been working on improving the filtering options in tasks. This
is would be really useful for managing the tasks much better. The
following search capabilities are provided as part of this ...

Quick Search would have the following options,

* Next 7days tasks
* Active Tasks
* Over due Tasks
* Completed Tasks
* Tasks with Attachments

Advanced Search would allow the searches based on, 

* Summary  
* Description
* Start date 
* Due date
* Completed date
* Status 
* Priority
* % Completed 
* Category 
* Attachments 
* Organizer
* Attendees

The search queries made through advanced search can be saved. Similar
filtering support has been added for calendar and memos also. Keshav
(ukeshav at novell dot com) and Abishek (PAbhishek at novell dot com)
has been working on these.  Please let us know if there is anything
missing which would be necessary. We are planning to get these available
as part of evolution-2.12.2 release.

The new search expressions which are need for the above searches will be
added in EDS. If there any search expressions to be added which might be
useful for external applications, please let us know.

 Adding support for ranking the tasks is on the cards.

thanks, Chenthill.

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