Hi list,

I looked at the sources to get a feel of how easy it would be to migrate
from GnomeDruid to GtkAssistant. I started some work on the startup
config plugin and on the new mail account glade part. At that point,
trying to create a new account just crashes evolution, so I decide to
look deeper.

I found that currently wizards are intricated with notebooks in
e-utils/e-config.c. Although it worked relatively well with GnomeDruid,
I tried to adapt it to GtkAssistant without much success. It seems there
is no easy way to get references to previous and next page other than by
calculating the prev/next page id with GtkAssistant. On the other hand,
integrating new pages into an assistant seems really easy.

So, what should be done here, indefinitely keep the current
implementation or get rid of one more part of libgnomeui and simplifying
evo's implementation ?

Gilles Dartiguelongue <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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