Hey Paul,

On Thu, 2007-09-20 at 12:51 -0400, Paul Smith wrote:
> Hi all;
> This seemed useful to some people last time, so I'm doing it again
> now.  I've been using Evolution from SVN for a few months now tracking
> the latest changes and overall I've been REALLY happy: so many things
> are much better, especially with Exchange integration, than in 2.10 or
> any previous release.  Applause and cheers for everyone's hard work
> over the last 6 months!!
Thanks for using Evolution and this is a welcome feedback!!!
> However, there are still some issues.  I hope now is a good time to
> point them out so maybe we can concentrate on these for 2.12.1 or
> 2.12.2.  Others might have a different list of issues, but these are
> mine (links to bugzilla entries).  I've updated the bugzilla entries
> with the latest info I have.
> As I said, I'm building Evo and all components (libsoup, gtkhtml,
> e-d-s, evo, evo-exchange, evo-webcal) locally with debugging enabled
> and running them with full logging, each instance in its own
> directory.  I stand ready and willing to help anyone who wants to, to
> work on these issues!  I've tried to order them in order of precedence
> (how much I want them fixed), most pain to lesser pain.
> 478404: Composer stops completing addresses if you come back to the
> To: line
>         This one just seemed to pop up within the last month or so but
>         it's REALLY annoying.  Hopefully it's a simple fix, because it
>         really impacts me a lot.

I have seen it too some times, I will look at it for 2.12.x. 

> 478439: Contact lookups for GAL never return
>         I think this has been around for a while but I never bothered
>         to report it until now.  I don't run into this that much but
>         it's a pain when I need to look up someone.

I'll look into this too and will take it over on bugzilla.


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