Hi all;

I'm not an evolution developer but I'm trying to understand the way the
project uses subversion.  I have some questions, especially now that
there's been a release of 2.12:

      * Shouldn't there be a gnome-2-20 branch on evolution-webcal?
        there may be other Evo modules that don't have the right branch.
      * I notice that the versions of the code that I'm building still
        say 2.11.92, rather than 2.12, but I thought that 2.12 was
        officially released?  I don't see anything on the gnome-2-20
        branch that changes the version number, which is where you'd
        expect it to be.
      * Are we adding tags to the code to denote the release?  I don't
        see any tags that seem to be related to this release.


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