Hi everyone,

I'd like to suggest to Evolution hackers, whenever it is possible for
them, to try to improve their svn commit messages.

Some of you are currently using a very short commit message
(something like "fix for bug#xxx), which make reading svn commit
extremely difficult without having to go each time on bugzilla to see
what was the fix really for. Moreover, it also adds complexity when you
are checking a file history and bump into such commits.

May I suggest you use either the same ChangeLog entry you wrote in the
various changelog file (so it is even faster, just use copy/paste :) or
even a stripped version of it (it used to be extremely useful for CVS to
see which files were changed at the same time, but it is no longer
required with svn atomic commit) ?

Thanks you in advance.
Frederic Crozat <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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