On Thu, 2007-10-11 at 09:18 -0700, Ross Boylan wrote:
> I believe that some of the flags associated with messages (e.g.,
> follow-up) are stored by the evolution client, rather than kept on the
> server.  For at least some IMAP servers it should be possible to define
> custom flags on the server and use them.
> This would be very useful to me, since I'm accessing the mail from
> different locations.  Any idea how big a job this would be to add?  I
> might do it, if it's easy.
> BTW, is anyone planning on working on the problem that messages flagged
> initially flagged as "follow-up" and later flagged as "completed" still
> show up when you filter by "follow-up"?

Search for CAMEL_MESSAGE_INFO_USER_FLAGS and uses of mi->user_flags in
Camel (better search for "->user_flags" as that mi part is sometimes
called info and sometimes with a bunch of casting around it called mi).

In camel-imap-folder.c you can take an example from functions like
flags_to_label. I guess you'll need to convert your user_flags to custom
IMAP flags somehow. Not sure how easy that is. 

You can also add new tags (user_tags), which is similar to how
user_flags work in Camel. It looks like those are already stored
remotely. I think tags define the colour of the rows in your summary
view (Important, Personal, Work, etc etc).

You'll have to write ui pieces for this too, in Evolution, of course.

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