Hi all;

I've been using my makefile to build Evolution from SVN for my Ubuntu
Feisty systems; the makefile installs everything in /opt/evo so that I
don't interfere with the packages managed by the system.

When I run "/opt/evo/bin/evolution", it starts up e-d-s and
evo-exchange, etc. from /opt/evo as well (which is what I want).

However, I recently upgraded one of my systems to Ubuntu Gutsy RC1,
which has its own version of Evo 2.12.0.  I know there have already been
some bug fixes since that was released but I wanted to try out the
distro version to see how it's working.

But, when I run "/usr/bin/evolution", it's STILL trying to run e-d-s
etc. out of /opt/evo instead of the ones in /usr/bin: this fails because
the ones in /opt/evo were compiled against Feisty libraries, some of
which have been upgraded in Gutsy.

How does Evolution decide where to get e-d-s, plugins, etc.?  How can I
reset it to run the ones in /usr/bin and ignore the stuff in /opt/evo?
I don't remember doing anything special to switch it over to /opt/evo in
the first place.

Note that deleting my ~/.evolution directory or similar is out of the
question; I have too much stuff there.

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