just in case someone runs into the email thread, here's what properly
solved my problem that some of the Evolution .la files specified a
libglib from Debian Etch's /usr/lib although a more recent one was
needed: not only glib2 has to be compiled from a more recent source than
currently in Debian Etch, but also *all* GNOME libraries which reference

I had only recompiled libglib because its shared object was backwards
compatible against the system's shared objects, but getting libtool to
use just the new glib2 turned out to be troublesome because other .la
files pulled in /usr/lib/libglib2.so. Here's what I recompiled (might
have forgotten some, though):
      * glib2
      * libidl
      * orbit2
      * libbonobo2
      * gtk2

Bye, Patrick Ohly
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